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 Want to create an Application?

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PostSubject: Want to create an Application?   Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:32 pm

Hello, valued server or forum user. If you are wanting to create an Application toword something, such as Staff, Membership, or perhaps even on the Development team, here is what you must put in your scenario.

Things marked with a ' * ' are required information.

1 - * Your age.
2 - Your name.
3 - Your location.
4 - * How often would you beable to attend to this? Such as, being online.
5 - * If an emergency would occur, would you willingly give up your application role?
6 - * How experienced are you, at this role. (Only for staff or development team).
7 - * How much experience do you have with ServerSoft?
8 - Why do you want to apply to this?
9 - What is your server username?
10 - Any other information about you goes here.

If your application does not look like the above, it will be harder for us to decide for us to give you your role of the application. Try to use the scenario template above, it always makes things easier! Thanks, we will try to reply to your post Within 3 days of when it is posted, or less. Thank-you.
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Want to create an Application?
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