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 New Quest Update (2/09/10)

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PostSubject: New Quest Update (2/09/10)   Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:57 pm

We have lauched a new quest, open for all players of the server. In this quest, King Arthur and his knights are going on a 'Marvelous' adventure to find the Holy Grail, lost during the crusades of the 12th centuray. As you will notice, he is missing a knight, and needs help. He will allow you to help him, but in return you must go through a puzzling adventure, helping each knight of the quest.

After the quest, you will recieve a reward, and some quest points. Please post, or comment to this topic, and tell us what you think!

Thanks, The Quest Development Team, king

~ Signed by ServerSoft,
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New Quest Update (2/09/10)
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