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 New Update (3/2/10)

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PostSubject: New Update (3/2/10)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:33 am

Today, of March 2nd, and on behalf of ServerSoft, we are very proud to announce that we have public released a new server update, never before seen on a 508! We are hoping that we will be able to maintain this record for this update being the first to be seen on a 508, and we much appreciate your support.

What's the update?

We have launched new Random Events to the server! While you are playing the server, at random you will be teleport to an area where you can participate in a Minigame type Quest (Random Event).

When Will I get an Event?

We cannot tell! The events are entirley set to random, and can happen at anytime, in anyplace (Except some Minigame areas, and some quest areas). Although, there are some things you can do to speed up the process of an event happening more current.

What are the events?

Well, the events include the following: "The Mime's Stage", "The Grave Digger", "Freaky Forestor", "A Strange Appearance", and "The Frog's Cure". These are the actual names given to the Events.

How often can I get one?

Here is an example of how often a player is allowed to have a Random Event. So, for an example, if a player were to be online for a rate of 2 hours without logging off once, and he had done all the guidelines of speeding up the process of the events, and the events that happened were not performed yet by that user, he or she would possibly earn up to 10-15 Random Events in 2 hours!

What are some rewards?

The rewards are mostly either weapons of setimental value or coins. Some offer items that can be exchanged for even more valuable items. But remember, the items recieved are entirley random.


Credits go to the Staff of ServerSoft and all other worker and or employee of it.
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New Update (3/2/10)
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