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 How to Train [Guide]

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PostSubject: How to Train [Guide]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:35 am

Hello, this is a short topic to those who are new to our server, and do not know how to train or advance their skills.

There are many ways to train, such as RuneScape. You have a variety of options with a skill, and each option you choose can be benefited any many ways.

How many skills can I train?

You can train all skills, for free. Nothing on our server costs any money.

Do all skills work?

Yes, all skills work. Although, please accept our appologies if any appears to not work as correctly as they should, or if you are experiencing difficulties with them.

Where do I go to train them?

You can train all skills, practically anywhere. Combat-oriented skills can be trained by killing any NPC that has an Attack option. Some NPCs drop items, such as Bones, Herbs, and or other equipment items. All these items can also be used for advancing your stats.

Where is a particular area on the Server that I can train a specific skill?

Well, although you can train all skills practically anywhere, there are some main places where they can be done easier, and quite faster with the most benefits to that skill. First, go to your Skill's Tab, then you will see a list of all of your skill's stats, along with their icons. Click the Skill Icon of the Skill level you are wanting to train, and you will be teleported to train that particular skill.

Are there any rewards for getting particular skills to a certain level?

Yes. The main reward, and also the most common, is the Skillcape. The Skillcape is a cape of a skill level you have mastered. You can get a skillcape by speaking to the Skill Master wearing the skillcape you are wanting to buy. (For example, I wanted to by the Summoning Cape, I would go to Pikkupstix in The Summoning area and buy one from him since he is wearing the cape.


If you have any skill suggestions or even Ideas, please submit them here on the forums. Remember though, to submit a suggestion you will need to have a ServerSoft Forum Account. Thank-you.

ServerSoft and all relative contents are property of the creator of ServerSoft 2010. Our base of documentation and code is located in Illinois, United States.
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How to Train [Guide]
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