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 Starting Quests [Guide]

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PostSubject: Starting Quests [Guide]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:46 am

This is a guide to newer or beginner players that do not know how to start a Quests on our server.

Before starting a Quest, you will need to read the Quest information to see if you have the requirements to start it. You will also need to find the information regarding the where-abouts on where to start it at. All of this can be done by, going to your Quest's Tab, and by clicking the Quest you are wanting to start.

Each Quest is different, in it's own way. Some quests have requirements to start them, and most don't. Some quests are short and easy, and some are short but hard, and some are hard and partially long. It varies from the quest you are doing.

Each Quest after completion will give a reward, and QuestPoints. QuestPoints can be used for alot of things, even to earn Membership, more areas to go on the server, more training benefits, more shops, and even more and better NPC drops, and loads more.

After you have completed all Quests, you will have the Grand Quest Prize, which can only be earned once you have completed the Master's Quest. Although the only way to start, or even end the Master's Quest is to have a notoriously large amount of requirements that take time, and a little hard work to earn.

If you have any questions regarding a Quest, PLEASE leave us a suggestion so we can take care of the problem. We are always glad to recieve suggestions. Thanks for reading, comment if you have any questions or ideas about Quests.

All Quests created in the Server are property of ServerSoft 2008-2010. All employees of ServerSoft deserve full creative credits to the Quest created. Below are all the participants that helped create our Server-Quests:

Jimmy, Eric, LyngHamar (Server Player, For giving Ideas), Jordan, Skiller Hat (Server Player, For giving Ideas).
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Starting Quests [Guide]
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