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 Random Events Guide

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PostSubject: Random Events Guide   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:02 am

This thread is in contribute to our latest update, Random Events. This is just a simple guide on how to earn Random Events more faster than they normally would appear, and some hints on how to get them.

What are Random Events?

A random event is an event that happens, at totally random. The event usually starts out as an NPC would appear wherever you are, asking you for help of some sort. Then you will be teleported to help that NPC. Although, not all are like this. Some are just NPCs that randomly appear, and give you some sort of reward for playing and contributing to the server.

How can I earn a Random Event?

You can earn a random event at anytime, in any place. It all depends where you are at, how you are doing it, and what you are doing. There are really good and fun Random Events, and on the other hand there are some really bad ones. The good ones usually and often offer your Player a reward, of some sort for doing something. The bad ones will usually appear out of no where and start attacking you for no reason. It all depends.

How can I earn a Random Event faster?

You can earn a Random Event faster, by doing specific things that attract that NPC of the random event. Often by burying bones, or doing certain skills, or even using certain commands can trigger a Random Event. The most common are burying bones in certain places, and being in certain places. This will automatically allow a Random Event to happen, but it will speed up the process. Although, doing high-leveled required stuff such as High Combat, High Quests, High Clue Scrolls, or even being in the Wilderness can trigger a Random Event you might not want to have.

What kind of Random Events are there?

There are several. Although 3 of them are currently available at the moment for the players to have while the others remain updating. These random events available are, "The Mime's Stage", "Grave Digger", and "The Mysterious old Man". We are working very hard on adding more, very soon.

What are some rewards?

The rewards are totally random. You could be doing the simplest thing, and earn a notoriously large amount of a reward, or you can be doing the hardest thing, but earn a Bronze Dagger! It's all random. So please, be patient with your rewards.

Other information:

The Random Events added to the server took precisley around a Month. So please accept our sincere appologies if you experience any errors, or any other type of bugs while participating in one of our Random Events. If you do so happen to have one, and experience any type of errors, PLEASE, post a comment in regards to this thread explaining the error, and how it may of happened in your opinion. We will fix all errors as soon as possible. Thanks! king
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Random Events Guide
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