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 Earning Membership [Guide]

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PostSubject: Earning Membership [Guide]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:09 pm

Ever wanted to earn Server Membership to unlock some features that Normal users can't? This is your chance!

1 - Earning the Membership

To earn Membership, you will need to be active with the Server Community. Register for a forums account, if you want, that's always a great way to contribute. Or, you can just simply be active on our server. You can help others in need of help, that's another way. Or, you can earn a total Level of atleast 2000, with all Normal Quests completed, that would be another way. But it all really depends how active you our with out Community. Remember though, you won't earn Membership if you aren't active.

2 - Obtaining the Membership

Once you think you've earned membership, ask any server Administrator . Ask them if they think that your ready for some membership. And then depending on what their decision is, you might just earn some! But, don't always ask for membership even though you know you haven't followed these guidelines. The more you pester, and annoy our staff members with useless questions, the less-likley you will earn the membership. So work hard!

3 - Features that you will unlock

You will unlock a variety of features once you have earned Membership. You will have access to more commands, and more places in which to go. More and better items (Not customs, of course). You will even unlock a variety of Quests (Also, on completion of each quest, you will earn even more rewards!). So yeah, you'll earn loads of features that normal users won't. So good luck!


For any player that obtained membership without rightful authorisation will be punished at the full and maximum expense of the owner's choice. He will also be stripped of his membership, and be facing punishments - often severe. Although if you were to tell us, and appologize we will reconsider your punishment. Any staff member you might notice breaking the rules - Please report him immediatley! Thanks!
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Earning Membership [Guide]
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