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 Buying Skillcapes [Guide]

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PostSubject: Buying Skillcapes [Guide]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:19 pm

1 - Finding the Skillcape you want to buy.

First off, you will need to find a Skillcape that you are wanting to buy. But before that, you will need a level of 99 in the skill of the skillcape you want. So before purchasing the skillcape, please earn the rightful level first. (Please notice that you will need level 99 to wear ANY skillcape of any kind). Skillcapes can often be found by their skill's master - An NPC wearing the Skillcape that are wanting to buy. For an example I wanted to buy the Cooking Skillcape - I would go to the Cooking training zone, and speak with the man wearing the cape. I would ask him If I could buy one, and then he will sell me one. (He will not sell you one if you do not have level 99)

2 - Buying the cape

After you know what cape you want to buy, and have level 99 in the skill of the skillcape aswell, then you can buy one. But to buy one, you will need 99K (For the cape and hood all together). -Or- you can type ::Skillcapes to open a Skillcape's shop. Using the shop will cost more money than what it would to buy the cape from an NPC. It would cost 1K more for the cape, and another additional 50K for the hood! That's 60K more!

3 - Congratulations, you've earned a skillcape!

Once you have the skillcape, and are now allowed to wear one. There are nothing special about skillcapes. The only thing that is special about them is that they show-off your symbol of being a master in your ability. They also give you an Emote. The Skillcape Emote!, which can be done by - going to your Emote's Tab, and by clicking the Skillcape Emote button.

Post, or comment if you need any help regarding skillcapes only. If you have any other help, post in the Help section.
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Buying Skillcapes [Guide]
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