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 Offences that can be Reported For

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PostSubject: Offences that can be Reported For   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:51 am

Below is a list of Rules - Only report a player if he or she has broken one of the rules listed. If the rule is not listed, do not report that player, but simply tell an Administrator or Moderator in-game.

1 - Offensive Language (Such as cursing, or swearing to one another).
2 - Attempting to "Hack" the server or forums.
3 - Attempting to cause a glitch.
4 - Password Scamming.
5 - Password Theft (Must have proof)
6 - Soliciting a Player.
7 - Disruptive behavior, such as Spamming.
8 - Advertisement.
9 - Attempting to use Unauthorised Commands.

If you are reporting a player, but the player has Not broken any of the rules shown above, then please, do not report the player. Only report him or her they broken one of the above rules. Thanks, ~ServerSoft.
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Offences that can be Reported For
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