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 How to earn descent cash [Guide]

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PostSubject: How to earn descent cash [Guide]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:30 am

Hello, Community user. This is a short guide of how to make some descent coins on the our server. Which would be good, for those high-leveled players who need to purchase expensive items.

1 - Where to earn the Coins, and How

You can earn the coins in many ways. If your a Combat type player, try killing some NPCs arround the server. Each one will always drop something of setimental value. The higher the NPC you kill, the more money you will likley make from the drop. Or, you can use your benefits gained from your Skills to make money. Such as, Herblore - Sells the Herbs for some coins. Combat - Used for obtaining NPC drops. Thieving - For thieving coins from stalls or other locations through Ardougne. Or loads more.

2 - Some hints of getting good coins.

Here are some hints for some descent coins. First, type ::Starter, for a beginner's starter kit of items. Then, complete as many quest points as you can. Then, after that, reach a high-leveled combat level with good defence, and kill high leveled monsters such as, King Black Dragon (::KBD), or the Kalphite Queen (::KQ), or even one of the Barrow's Brothers! Then, complete some Clue Scrolls, maybe atleast 2 or 3. Then, just Thieve from the highest-leveled stall you can in Ardougne for some coins. If you follow all these guidelines without spending a single coin, you will have a total of atleast 20-50M + ! Maybe even more!

Good skill's for earning cash?

Some good skills for earning cash, would be considered, Combat, Prayer (Used for Activating Random Events faster), Crafting, Magic, Ranged, or Fletching maybe.

Any other ways?

There are some. We have annual drop parties on our server, if we reach a milestone of newer players. Usually, we will have the drop parties for about 10 Minutes, so the players can fairly earn a descent inventory of items. Or, (If you completed the Pirate's Treasure Quest, you can activate your Own Drop Parties by pulling the Party Level at ::Party).

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How to earn descent cash [Guide]
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